Windows 7 Last suported version

Love the software. I use it to remove subtitles from DVD rips.
It’s been awhile since I’ve used it and I’m way back at version 58.0.0
Please tell me what was the last version that can be used with Windows 7.
I’m still holding on here with 5 machines running Windows 7.
I’m sure my day will come, but until then…
I will continue to run these Windows 7 machines as long a s I can.
I WILL keep at least one “Ghost Image” of a Windows 7 machine on an external hard drive until I’m gone.


I honestly do not know what the last version to run on Windows 7 was. That being said, there’s a third-party build for Windows 7 that users keep up to date. Note that I won’t offer support for those binaries.

Thank you very much, your last working Win7 version is mkvtoolnix-64-bit-68.0.0-revision-036-g37903f25c