Undetermined 'und', adding right click selection

Hello and thank you for a brilliant program, I use it very frequently to mux in subs into any video file.
However, I find myself having to click on the selected file, then go over to the righthand side menu to click on the ‘Undetermined’ language (und), to change it to ‘Eng’ (English).
Would it be possible sometime in the future to be able to just right cling on the file which is ‘und’ and change it directly to the desired language from the dropdown menu.
Sorry if I’m coming across as lazy, but it would cut down mouse clicks and confusion on my part.
Thank you for viewing.


You can configure a lot of things wrt. languages in the preferences, among them the available short cuts for languages to set via the MultiplexerModify selected tracksSet language menu. Those can then be used via keyboard shortcuts, the fastest way to set a language.

I’m not interested in adding any more ways.