Strange long unclickable dead zone at the end of mkv file see explanation

Its kinda hard to explain but the files play normally but theres a weird gap at end of file that is like a dead zone. heres a picture of it.
anyone know what causes this or a way to fix it. Ive tried everything cutting the file, remuxing it with every option imaginable, reripping the file, even cutting file in half then rejoining it. In the picture the large area at end of file is the dead zone you cant click it and the file ends in about the middle of this dead zone. Ive always thot it strange that the files work normally but appear corrupted. neveerr found a fix. Ive seen it MANY times. never figured it out.

Found something that seems to work. Ive just been trying every button there is and this one removed the strange gap.

STOP AFTER VIDEO TRACK ENDS. buttton should be turnned on.

Id still like to know what causses this and what the button does to fix it.
Ive got quite a bit of time into this but maybe this will help another person.

My best guess is that there’s a subtitle entry with a bogus start time located quite a while after the other content (audio & video) ends. Any content counts towards the file’s total length, even if it’s only content of a single track.

The option “stop after video track ends” was made for situations such as this one: it cuts of the output file right after the last video packet ends, discarding the packets of all other tracks whose start time is higher than the last video track’s packet’s end time.

As this is a destructive operation it isn’t enabled by default.

Greets mbunkus,
Thanks for replying this thing puzzled me for nearly ½ a day. Id never seen such a thing so naturally I tht how odd then is there more which it was 24 in all…
I happen to guess as much about possible rogue sub entries.
BUT I happened to be editing all the subs .ass files in current project and could EASILY confirm none of them had these rogue last entries.

so do you have any 2nd guesses.
know from doing file ripping in staxrip theres a timecode file it extracts and then it rips the file and does a compare and if they don’t match it complains.
And these 24 files all get flagged as having invalid timecode files. I don’t know how exactly timecode files are used in ripping or toolnix. Or at least ive never needed to learn to modify one for any reason.

I wish Id found the STOP AT END OF VIDEO button sooner but didn’t even know what I was facing when first happened

Question 1 - Is it possible for someone to edit a timecode file and then remux it as deliberate digital sabotage.
Just thot it odd that the corruption occurred in groups of 4 only 6 times 24 files. Strange pattern like someone sprinkling corruption maybe. Just a wild guess stab in dark.
Question 2 how is a timecode file used by mkvtoolnix. Do people actually edit a file called timecodes. I only know of the file because of staxrip but no idea why edit one maybe if EVER.
Thanks for your input.

anyway,THANK YOU for creating that button to fix this notorious issue which just cost me like 1/2 days work.

Virtually impossible to fix otherwise. I tried any method possible and reripping file.
Nothing will fix it wo the button. Nothing. Unless your lucky enuf to find the rogue entry which could take like forever because .ass files are so weird.

before i found out what that function does i was dumbstruck. theres likely a bogus sub entry buried somewhere in ass files probably. In .ass I guess its common for banners and other complicated functions seem to be located sometimes not directly after the preceeding subtitle but rather is put at the beginning of the file oddly. So there could be a bogus entry ANYWHERE. kinda strange why it does this. I have no idea what the point is of having these rogue entries sprinkled around .ass file rather than keeping them sequential. makes for difficult editing. but it still works no matter where you put it in .ass.

thanks bunkus. cheers.