Set File Title from File name

when opening a new file, is is possible to have the file title replaced using the file name? I have renamed the file and with the “automatically set the title from the fource file” enabled it keep getting the old file name. If I disable it, the field is empty.

Thank you


Note that removing all files doesn’t clear all internal state, which includes the title. You’re still dealing with “dirty” multiplexer settings. If you want to start over with completely new settings, simply open new settings via “Multiplexer” → “New” (or pressing Ctrl+N).

I’m not sure if that’s the problem. I can open a new file but i want the file title to be taken from the file name, instead of the default file source/tags.

MKVToolNix won’t do that automatically. But there’s a menu entry & keyboard shortcut you can easily use: “Multiplexer” → “Copy first source file’s name to file title” or Ctrl+F.

The option "automatically set the title from the source file” in the preferences does something different: here the file title is set automatically if the source file’s container format provides such information (e.g. Matroska files or MP4 files might have such a file title in the container’s meta data). It has nothing to do with file names.