Removing non-English Subtitles not working

(I’m a new user to the utility and using the GUI version) I am unable to remove the non-English subtitles from the MKV file and keep only the one single English subtitle track. When selecting ONLY the “English” subtitles and then execute the multiplexing operation NONE of the subtitles appears in the resulting modified target file. I use VLC to play the file. In the resulting file, VLC subsequently shows NO subtitles at all available. However in the original mkv source file VLC provides me with 30+ choices of subtitles. (Don’t need them.) Also when I first import my mkv source into the main screen, it does not have “English” checked as it should since English IS checked in the appropriate settings section. What might I be doing wrong? I’m using the GUI version. I did watch a Youtube instructional video so I think the options that I selected for the operation are correct. Any suggestions?


Without actual details it’s very difficult to say whatever goes wrong. Please post:

  1. screenshots of how you’ve set up the multiplexer job in MKVToolNix GUI
  2. MediaInfo output of both the source file & the resulting Matroska file


I reran it again and this time it appears to have worked this second time around. If the issue persists again I will forward along info. Thanks.