Redo MakeMKV 4K DV Blu-Ray Rips?

Hi everyone. I unfortunately don’t fully understand what’s happening under the hood with Dolby Vision, but I see that the latest version of MKVToolNix adds (fixes?) some stuff related to DV, so I’m wondering:

Would there be any benefit to redoing the Dolby Vision Blu-Ray rips that I remuxed using MKVToolNix?


A very valid question. If those rips were done with a tool other than MKVToolNix in the first place (probably MakeMKV?), then the answer is likely “no”. mkvmerge (the tool that does the actual muxing work in MKVToolNix) has supported reading both single-layer & dual-layer Dolby Vision data from conformant Matroska files for quite a while now. Unfortunately the Dolby Vision status page in my wiki doesn’t state the exact version number, but you can infer that with some more effort from the NEWS file: v57 was the first such release.

The latest changes only implement support for reading directly from (unencrypted) Blu-ray disks & other similar stream types.

Another test to apply is to simply play those files back & see if Dolby Vision is used. If it is, great; just leave the file as is. One player I know of that has a Dolby Vision indicator right in its main UI is PotPlayer. You can also click on that indicator to toggle Dolby Vision support off if its own, making it very clear how that would look. I use PotPlayer often for testing for this capability.

Edit: I’ve updated the Dolby Vision support status page with the first version number that offered support for reading it from Matroska & MP4 files; the aforementioned v57.

Total noob question probably. But could you point me to a solution for editing the file property information in an otherwise perfect file? Meaning: the file has everything i want, DV, Atmos, etc. All I want to do is customize the track names for the audio tracks in the file. I have regularly used MKVToolNix for this. But I am only recently seeing that I am losing DV when I am done. Any recommendations on other ways to edit the info in the file? Sorry I know this is probably a silly simple question. Thanks for any help that is offered. :smiley: