Receiving error “The file ‘xxxxx.m2ts’ was not recognized as a supported format (exit code:0)”

Hey, I’m new to MKVToolNix, and I’m trying to learn the software. Whenever I try to add a .m2ts using the “add source file” option, I receive the above error. The .m2ts files come from a Blu-ray disc. Am I just missing something simple here?


Maybe your Blu-ray files are still encrypted? MKVToolNix only supports unencrypted files.

Apart from that, MKVToolNix has pretty good support for Blu-ray file structures, meaning it can parse the playlist & clip info files & use the information from them. However, it’ll only do that if you add a playlist file (those .mpls from the PLAYLIST sub-directory) or if you add one of the files from the root, e.g. index.bdmv — but not if you add singular .m2ts files.