Only GUI works? Commands not consistent or applying

When I manually use the gui, the changes work. Copied the commands from the gui.
The .bat I helped make does everything right except the changes to the .mkv

I even tried dumping multiples into the mkvtoolnix gui, in their own tabs, applying changes to all tabs but that did not work.

All mkvs are identical in every way (even down to the second).
I added the “–track-name 3:sub_en” to see if it was because a subtitle track had blank name. I tried it with and without sub_en.

No idea what to try now so I am here lol

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

echo Current directory: %cd%
set mkvmerge="C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix\mkvmerge.exe"

:: Loop through each "USBD Remux" folder in the current directory
for /d %%d in ("*USBD Remux*") do (
    echo Found folder: "%%d"
    set "input_folder=%%d"
    set "output_folder=!input_folder: USBD Remux=!"
    echo Output folder will be: "!output_folder!"

    :: Create output folder if it doesn't exist
    if not exist "%cd%\!output_folder!" (
        echo Creating output folder: "%cd%\!output_folder!"
        mkdir "%cd%\!output_folder!"

    :: Set mkvmerge command options
    set copy_1=--ui-language en --priority lower --audio-tracks 2 --language 0:en --display-dimensions 0:1920x1080 --language 2:ja --track-name 2:Stereo --language 3:en --track-name 3:sub_en --default-track-flag 3:yes --forced-display-flag 3:yes --hearing-impaired-flag 3:yes --language 4:en --track-name "4:Signs & Songs" --default-track-flag 4:no --forced-display-flag 4:yes --hearing-impaired-flag 4:yes
    set copy_2=--track-order 0:0,0:2,0:3,0:4

    :: Process each .mkv file in the folder
    pushd "!input_folder!"
    for %%a in (*.mkv) do (
        echo Processing file: "%%a"
        call %mkvmerge% --output "%cd%\!output_folder!\%%~na.mkv" %copy_1% "%%a" %copy_2%

echo All processes complete.