Muxing audio and video track with different framerates

Hello everyone,

I am struggling with this stuff from a while right now and I have no more ideas how to fix it.

My workflow involve muxing audio tracks in my language with the video of higher quality ones that I usually find in english. Almost everytime tracks are in different lenghs due to different distribution logos but it’s no problem, I just cut it or delay it for whatever it’s needed and the job is done.

The problem I am having is when the english movie is at 23.976fps and the italian one is at 24fps or viceversa.

No matter what I do the audio start in sync and at the end of the movie it’s off by 3-4 secs or even more. I tried to encode the video from 23.976 to 24 and it didn’t work. I tried to slow the audio in audacity to 99.9% of it’s original speed and it didn’t work. I also tried to encode the 24fps one to 23.976 in handbrake with the audio track being also recompressed by it, thinking that the software would do the match for me, and after muxing it to the other video, didn’t work either.

Many thanks to however will take the time to help and sorry for my bad english but as you can see not my main language :]

Nevermind, I actually realised my mistake.

In Audacity I was using Edit>Audio Clips>Change speed, but that probably only changed the reproduction speed inside Audacity and didn’t stick with the export.
Using instead Effect>Pitch and Tempo>Change Speed and Pitch the project got resampled and it worked, finally!

Might be useful to someone else, who knows. Thanks anyway!