Mkvtoolnix crashes immediately

I’ve been using your app for quite a while now and its a first time I’m experiencing this sort of error. When I tried opening mkvtoolnix-gui.exe today it sort of flashed and closed immediately. I tried since to switch to older versions and the newest .80 but experienced the same results.
I’m using windows 10


There are several possible reasons: anti-virus tools interfering; corrupted settings or jobs files; broken hardware…

I’d try deleting the settings/cache/job queue folders. See this FAQ entry for their location.

Thanks for the quick response.
I’ve tried deleting the settings cache and job queue folders but it still crashes.
Anyway, I don’t have any antivirus tools and the app worked fine just a couple days ago.
If you have any more suggestions I would love to test them out.

Unfortunately, I really don’t. Sorry.