Mkvmerge.exe counterpart options of some of mkvpropedit.exe's

Hello, if possible, I’d like to have as many options using mkmerge.exe in one go (remux), instead of executing both mkvmerge.exe and mkvpropedit.exe.

For example, mkvmerge has --original-flag X:yes, while mkvpropedit’s counterpart is -s flag-original=1.

I’d like to know the mkvmerge equivalents of these mkvpropedit’s, if they exist:

  • -d bit-depth
  • -s flag-commentary=1
  • -s flag-text-descriptions=1
  • -s flag-hearing-impaired=1
  • -s flag-visual-impaired=1

Thanks in advance.


The first one (removing the audio bit depth) doesn’t have an option in mkvmerge. The other ones can all be found in the documentation.

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