Mkvmerge doesn't show duration of tracks

I have some files that don’t have duration metadata, I’m guessing they are buggy (most come from old IDM downloaded videos).

To try fix this I’ve used this mkvmerge command:

mkvmerge -o OUTPUT.mkv --enable-durations --clusters-in-meta-seek "INPUT.MKV"

But after using:

mkvmerge -J OUTPUT.mkv

I still don’t get any duration tags for the tracks. But when I use ffprobe it now shows duration for each track when with the original file it didn’t.

Is this normal? Shouldn’t mkvmerge also show the duration tags?

Here is a file to test: Send


No, this is currently not implemented. In Matroska the duration of tracks isn’t actually stored in the track headers. What mkvmerge does is to store them in track-specific tags. However, during identification it doesn’t evaluate those tags & therefore doesn’t display this information. Even if it did, it could only do that for files where those tags are present. Other programs might not write them, and users can tell mkvmerge not to write them either.

If you want this information to be present in the identification output, please open a feature request over on Gitlab for it. I’m not opposed to implementing it.

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Thank you! I created the request: Show track-specific tags on identification (#3714) · Issues · Moritz Bunkus / MKVToolNix · GitLab