MKV Merge Problems

I have been merging episodes of Animaniacs where they are comprised of multiple segments. I have been successful with most all of them so far. However, this one has me stumped. I haven’t run across this error before, and have attached screenshots to show how I have it setup for the merge. Can anyone help me work around this so I can get these files merged into one?

Hello, could someone with experience please help me resolve this issue?

This usually happens when one of the appended files contains more tracks than the previous files. The solution is to disable muxing for the superfluous tracks from the later appended files.

Unfortunately your screenshots don’t show all the tracks. However, you can see that the second source file (the one marked in blue) contains at least two audio tracks, an AAC & an AC-3 one. The first source file doesn’t contain an AAC track, though. You’ll have to deactivate at least that AAC track.