MediaInfo display is broken ever since MKVToolnix v13.0

As the title says, when you mux a video through v13.0 or newer and go check its data on MediaInfo, the information is broken/inaccurate. The last version to show everything correctly was v12.0 (“Trust/Lust”). Here’s a comparison between versions, using the same video as reference:

Raw .avi file:

.mkv file through v12.0:

.mkv file through the latest version (v83.0 currently):

Note how in v13.0 and newer the Bit rate and Stream size are incorrect. It’s referencing the original .avi file’s data, and there’s no percentage for video. Unlike v12.0’s info that does make sense.

Could you guys please fix this so the information will show properly in the next version?

Please report such issues to the MediaInfo developers. This isn’t a bug in MKVToolNix.