Localizations from Transifex

Good day. Last month I finished working with belarusian localization on Transifex. Is that platform for localizations still actual? Can you add my localization from there in MKVToolNix? It finished at 100%.Thank you!


Thank you so much for working on it & for giving me a heads-up. Yes, I still use Transifex as one of the primary ways for translations. I regularly pull all translations from there for the languages that I’ve already integrated into MKVToolNix. I admit I don’t check too often on the state of the “new” ones, incluing Belarussian. You giving me a heads-up here is therefore great; thanks again. I’ll integrate it into MKVToolNix in the next days, probably over the weekend.

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Just wanted to let you know that I’ve added the Belarusian translation to MKVToolNix. The next continuous builds will include it, as will all following releases. Thanks again.

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