Keyboard shortcuts don't work

I try to set some flags to tracks like forced, default etc. (with the header/meta data editor).

pressing d, f etc. or ctrl + alt + f doesn’t work.

Version 80, using Win 11


Can you please open an issue over on Gitlab for this? Please also include a description of the steps you took exactly. Thanks.

Wait, before you do that, maybe you’re misinterpreting the shortcut definitions. “Ctrl+Alt F, E” means to press & hold Ctrl & Alt, hit F, then release Ctrl & Alt, and finally hit E.

For me this works just fine (v80 on Windows 11 as well).

Indeed, I was misinterpreting that. Thank you.

I might have understood it if there were some sort of feedback, e.g. a context menu appearing or a status message in the footer that somehow indicates the “now I am expecting your command letter” state (e.g. like in many CAD software).

Best regards.

The shortcut functionality is provided by the Qt GUI library I’m using. I only set the shortcuts I want to use, the library takes care of the rest, including how to or not to provide feedback.