Is it possible to download nightly builds?

Dear all,

I have an embarrassing question:

Thanks to the buildbot page, we can see which features and fixes are already incorporated in MkvToolnix and whether the respective version has been built successfully. But I haven’t found out yet if (and how) I can download a certain build.

For example, I’d like to try this one:

Is it available somewhere for download?

Thank you very much in advance.

Nothing embarrassing about the question :grin:

Those builds are indeed available. I call them “continuous builds” instead of “nightly” as they aren’t timed to occur daily, but only after commits to the repository. They’re available here for Windows & here for Linux.

As always, thanks a lot!

I already was at that place, but failed to actually click on “85.0” in the navigation at the left, because I assumed that the fix I’m interested in would already belong to version 86. Silly me :slight_smile:

I’ll try 85.0-revision-021-g69119f9ed tomorrow and add a final statement to the bug report.