How to use MKVToolNix to add subtitles

Hello, good morning everyone, I wanted to know if it is possible to use MKVToolNix to add external subtitles from other languages to video files, I tried a few things within the program and was unable to do so, I wanted to do this for subtitles and covers, thank you in advance.


Yes, this is possible. It’s one of the basic functions.

Could you help me how to do it, I really don’t know how.

Have you googled for tutorials? What exactly have you tried? Maybe show some screenshots of how you set things up, what you experienced, what you expected would happen. etc.

I just tried here and I managed to do it, but I added it normally like any other file, but I was trying before and I wasn’t getting it, maybe it’s some kind of bug, but I only managed it with the subtitles, with the covers, what would the procedure be like?

Covers are attachments, not containers with tracks. Therefore they must be added on the “Attachments” tab. Additionally the file names must usually be something like cover.jpg so that players recognize them.

Thank you, I’ll try, I’m at work, when I get home I’ll test it.