How to Sync Audio and Video with Multiple Languages (Anime - sub / dub)

When dealing with videos of different length, it takes some work to sync the audio and video. If there’s a ten second logo intro in one video, but not the other, I can add a delay (or inverted delay) and it seems to work. But what about videos that have extra content in the middle, like an entire opener that is in the dub, but not the sub? I’m guessing it depends on where you get your content.

If your content is clean, it’s easier to remux.


MKVToolNix is rather simple & definitely not a full-blow video editor. If some of your tracks have more or less content than the others, syncing them up with MKVToolNix would require a lot of splitting, syncing the split parts & re-appending. Doable? Yes. Easy? Definitely not.

MKVToolNix isn’t the right tool for this type of job.