How to do Batch Changes

I saw somewhere in passing that you can do batch work with MKVToolNix… for example, I have “Married… with Children” which is over 200 files, and so far all seem to have the audio off by -250ms.

Is there a way to make/run something that will just add that to the audio offset tag?

That and I guess change the output file name field? Noticed when I do it manually, it keeps changing the output file name, so I have to wipe that field out and copy/paste the file name into it first.

Usually I manually do this stuff, is <20 items, but, lately started getting into larger batches of >100 and well, it’s a time waster doing one-by-one.

I’m on Win10x64, and know very little about the CMD prompt… hoping for a bit of guidance. Thanks


You can definitely automate such tasks with MKVToolNix, but you’ll have to write some scripts (bash, PowerShell, Python… whatever floats your boat). Here are a couple of examples. Further information is available in this forum; you’ll have to dig a bit.

If you insist on using a GUI, you can take a look at the available third-party GUIs. I cannot say if they can do exactly what you need, though.

Ha, my boat isn’t even in the water… The most I can write is English in Notepad. :sweat_smile:

So, may look at the 3rd party apps… Otherwise kinda outta luck. Too bad, been a few times where batch stuff woulda saved my so much time… Usually stuff like this, telling it to offset audio, or forcing aspect ratios to 4:3, or clearing attached images and fields.