How to create a precise cut of a video with MKVToolNix?

I’ve noticed MKVToolNix is not very precise. For instance, if you have it separate a video with the “by parts based on frame/field numbers” option, with a setting like “48860-61846”, it isn’t precise at all. It starts much after 48860, and doesn’t end at 61846 at all, either.

Doing it by timestamp is imprecise as well. The video is a static 60 FPS, there is no odd framerate (23.97, etc.) if that matters.


mkvmerge can only split right before key frames as it doesn’t contain encoders to re-encode incomplete frames located between key frames. If you need more precise editing capabilities, this isn’t the right tool for your job.

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That’s a shame as I’d prefer to not reencode.

How are you suppoed to know what a keyframe is?