How do you create MKV file with multiple segments?

So, I can create editions that refer to other files, and this allows me to create a playlist of different files and such. This is cool, and I can get it to work. It seems to me, though, that I could use this to navigate through various editions.

For example, a movie has a theatrical cut, and an extended cut. I have one edition that refers to the first, and another edition that refers to the second, and I’m able to select this in apps such as VLC. Again, this is something that I can do.

But this requires them to be separate files. From what I understand, MKV doesn’t link to other files, it links to other segments. And I have read that a file can have multiple segments, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this.

Ideally, I would like a file with a segment for each cut, with all the relevant audio and subtitle files and default markers and such. I could then make a chapter file with two different editions that I can select in VLC, and when I do, it plays the relevant video file with the correct audio and subtitles. All in a single file.

From what I understand, this can be done easily with separate files, but if I can add multiple segments in a single file, then it should work the same right? But how do you do it?