Help with batch Automation combining .mp4 and .srt into .mkv

Hi All,
I have a bunch of .mp4s with associated .srt files in a (Windows 10) directory and i would like to batch automate the merging into MKV containers. I have found the following help file which appears to be exactly what I want to do.

However I am kind of new to MKVToolNix, Could someone explain what I need to do or what needs to be changed in the script. Or even just point me to a good video or guide on what I need to do.
I’ve made and run other .bat files in the past. But what they show on the above website doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before. For Example, the quoted script doesn’t point to MKVMerge.exe which i would expect it to need.

Kind regards,

Issue resolved by using MKVBatch GUI program. Feel free to close thread or delete. :smiley: