Fixing/placing an audio delay halfway through an audio/video stream?

Hi there, sorry to bother you all, but I am struggling to find information on the easiest way how to place a 7 second delay half way in a video. I dunno what happened but my True HD Atmos file has a 7 second delay @ around 2:07:36 in LOTK:ROTK. I can always adjust it in VLC and/or MPC but I would rather it be inherent and absolute. Can someone help, please and thank you? Is it possible through command line?


This is somewhere between pretty hard & nearly impossible with MKVToolNix. It involves splitting the files around that time, muxing partial files with different delays (or no delay at all), then putting it all back together again. MKVToolNix is simply not made for such tasks.

Oh, well that’s unfortunate. Thank you for the response, would you happen to have any input as to an alternative that would serve this need that you could recommend? thanks again!

Unfortunately I have don’t have a recommendation for you.