Finding tools similar to MKVToolNix to add chapters to m4b files

I really like how MKVToolNix makes it so easy to add chapters to mkv (and other video) files, without learning the command lines and without having to multiplex every time.

I’m struggling to find a similar tool for audiobook, whose format usually is m4b. I already tried tools such as Mp3tag, foobar2000, AudioBookConverter, and while they allow me to rename existing chapters, I can’t add new chapter or editing the timestamp myself. I also found “Chapter and Verse” app but it seems too old.

Really appreciate if someone could suggest other apps for me to try. Thanks a lot!


m4b sounds like the MP4 container. Personally I don’t really use MP4 files, and I certainly don’t do anything with chapters in MP4. Therefore I don’t have a recommendation myself. But maybe others here might?

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Ugh I’ve been digging up the Internet for the past few days and can say conclusively that there isn’t an equivalent to MKVToolNix for m4b files.

You can do this with AnyVideoConverter pretty easily but I don’t think that it will put chapter markers on the new file if that matters to you.

Could you clarify your reply a bit more? I’m not sure what you suggest me use AnyVideoConverter for.