Extract PGS or VOBSUB from .mkv file on Mac

Is there a way to extract a PGS or VOBSUB subtitle from a .mkv file on Mac and convert it to .srt?

When using mkvtoolnix I receive a .mks file, but I have no idea on how to proceed afterwards…

Please bear in mind that this is a new area for me.

Thankful for any kind of input!

mkvmerge (and therefore MKVToolNix GUI by extension) always creates Matroska files. If you want to get a track out of a Matroska file into something else you can use the CLI-only program mkvextract which is part of MKVToolNix. It’s available on the DMG when it’s mounted.

How do I use this? I have downloaded the DMG file for Mac.

When opening the contents folder of MKVtoolnix I see these ones in a list:

  • mkvextract
  • mkvinfo
  • mkvmerge
  • mkvpropedit
  • mkvtoolnix-gui

How do I install them?

I’ve copied mkvextract to “/usr/local/bin”

Like I wrote, mkvextract is a CLI program. You can find its reference documentation here. You can Google for examples of how to use it; there’s tons of information out there.

Apart from that I don’t offer support for macOS-specific things.