Error: Files cannot be appended to themselves. The argument for '--append-to' was invalid

I have ripped two disks of “Gods and Generals” to MKV. I am attempting to concatenate them but it continues to give the error:
Files cannot be appended to themselves. The argument for '--append-to' was invalid.

But I have done this multiple times and ensured that I am adding the first file then the second file. I’ve played both video files and they are not the same video.

What is it trying to tell me?

I do note that once difference between the files is that the second file has an additional AC-3 track for stereo which the first one doesn’t have. But viewing the list of info from the merge, it is only merging the AC-3 track for surround sound. Could this be a factor?


You have to disable all tracks from appended files for which there’s no corresponding track in the first file.

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Disabling the extra audio track did it – but: There is like a 1-2 second black screen in between them. Is there a way to remove that or prevent it from occurring during the merge?

Although, looking at the end of the first segment, it appears that black screen is maybe there. I don’t see an ability in the GUI to use the “split” capability. So, have to go to command line for that?

Splitting options are on the “output” tab.

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