Drop down selector in both locations

pls add the predefined values drop-down selectors 1 (see attached image) to location 2.
-predefined values feature was added at my request. thank you!


I won’t, sorry. I don’t want to convert all the columns into editable controls as it’s quite a lot of work to do it correctly.

you’ve turned my requests down and later implemented them. i remain hopeful you’ll come around.

Oh I absolutely do reconsider from time to time. So don’t give up hope! That being said, making all the columns directly editable has been requested a couple of times in the past, and so far I haven’t changed my mind.

current version: select track in left widget, move cursor to far right to access drop down, move cursor back to left to select next track, move back to far right, and the pattern repeats, back and forth. with my suggested version, the cursor barely moves and is mostly centered in the GUI window.
i’m hearin’ rumors you don’t have what it takes to implement my suggestion. you shouldn’t tolerate peeps talkin’ smack about you. you should show the naysayers you’re still on top of your game.

:joy: Nice try, but that tactic won’t work :grin:

the rumors must be true

They certainly are. I’m just really, really bad at it. Outright terrible!

maybe you’re the source of the rumors. interesting tactic.

Dang, you saw right through me. It was I, the evil mastermind, trying to keep expectations low. Now I’m ruined! Ruined, I say!