CLI concat mp3 files in for i-loop

The following CLI command works:

ffmpeg -i “concat:felica.mp3|4sek.mp3|felica.mp3” -acodec copy felica4sekfelica.mp3

A bit more reader friendly felica.mp3 + 4sek.mp3 + felica.mp3 = felica4sekfelica.mp3

It’s a pronunciation audio felica + a silent 4 second + plus the same felica again.

But I need filenames to be replaced with variable names, so I can use them in a for-i loop.

Something like this

ffmpeg -i “concat:!array[%%i]|4sek.mp3|!array[%%i]” -acodec copy !array[%%i] + 4sek +.!array[%%i]

But I don’t know how to accomplish that.

I know the explanation i terrible, but it’s the best I can do. ::