Can changing the order of the subtitles be done in batch without re-muxing into a new file?

I have a TV-Show which has several subtitle tracks in different languages. English is the fifth subtitle option when viewing the episodes with MediaInfo. Can I use JMKPropEdit (or some other tool) to move the English subtitle track to be the first subtitle option causing all of the other languages to be shifted down one place?

I know I can do this one-by-one manually with MKVToolNix GUI but that also forces me to mux into a duplicate file then delete the original. I’m hoping there’s a flag or something that can easily be changed to do this for me.

Thank you


No, unfortunately there’s no in-place way to change the order, and I doubt there ever will be. There are two factors that play into this problem:

  1. The order of the tracks in the track headers
  2. The “track number” property

The first part can be changed easily, just move around data in the track headers. However, the second part cannot be changed as all frames in the file reference the track they belong to via the same “track number” property that’s also used in the track headers. As players (some, not necessarily all) sort the tracks by their track number, you’d be out of luck with such players, even if 1. was implemented.

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