Automatically set forced display flag for forced subtitles

Hi there,

I’ve been using MKVToolNix to mux some mp4 files with accompanying subtitles into mkvs and often one of these subtitles is a forced sub type, but when adding these files to MKVToolNix it does not automatically set the forced flag for this entry to yes:

As you can see above the subtitle ends in but the flag on the corresponding entry does not get set to yes. I have to manually change it.

Could I please ask if it would be possible to add support for forced subtitle detection and have MKVToolNix automatically set the Forced display flag to yes for entries like this. It would be immensely useful and save a lot of time. Thanks.


Please open a feature request over on my issue tracker for these types of requests. Otherwise chances are I’ll forget about it again. Thanks.

Thanks for the welcome, I have logged the issue.

Thanks! I’ll likely implement it (otherwise I wouldn’t have asked you to file the issue).