3d ISO files to mk3d/mkv

hey guys

i have some old iso copies of some 3d movies

i can’t seem to use mkvtoolnix to make mkv files (it only picks the video tracks, nothing audio/subtitles)

i’ve used makemkv to make an mkv file

now i’m trying to use mkvtoolnix to remove unwanted tracks but it’s showing an .mk3d output format

is it ok to just manualy change it/rename it to .mkv or are there some settings i shuld do (can’t find anything related though)


MKVToolNix (rather: mkvmerge) cannot read 3D discs & create 3D Matroska files from them, that’s correct. That being said, it can definitely handle 3D Matroska files created by MakeMKV properly. You don’t even have to rename them; just leave the name as-is. The extension doesn’t really matter.