Removing non English subtitles and audio with CLI

Hello Dear Friends,
I want to be able to apply the following changes to a large number of .mkv files through the command line (CLI) with .bat file:

  • Remove all non-English and non-German subtitles & audio files. (that is, all audio tracks and subtitles except English and German should be removed)

  • If there is a subtitle .srt file with the some name of (along side) the .mkv Source in the folder, I will add it to the .mkv source file.

i find the snippet code for this:

for %%A IN (*.mkv) do ( "C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix\mkvmerge.exe" -o "remux-%%~nxA" "%%~A" --forced-track "0:yes" --default-track "0:yes" --track-name "0:English" --language "0:eng" "")

Save the new files in a new folder named β€œnew/” in the same path.
Is it possible to do this through the command line β€œCLI” with .bat file, how can this be done ??

It should be noted that I do not know programming