Mkvtoolnix - Does it communicate over Internet

We use the library mkvtoolnix in our project and based on a customer request we are trying to figure out If the library communicates over to Internet any time during the course of operations?

It will be helpful if someone can confirm this.


MKVToolNix is not a library, it’s a set of programs (tools).

Of those tools only the GUI (MKVToolNix GUI, executable mkvtoolnix-gui.exe) contains any code for network access. The only thing said code does is a check whether there’s a newer version available for download. If there is one, it additionally downloads the full list of available releases. The two URLs retrieved are:

None of the other programs contain any network code, especially mkvmerge.exe.

It is possible to deactivate the network code even in the GUI during compilation. For example, the version of MKVToolNix you can buy from the Microsoft Store is compiled that way as there’s no need for an online check for new versions as the Microsoft Store takes care of auto-updating itself.

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