Mkv split stops after 08:50:00

I’m having problems looking into the second half of a very big mkv video file. It’s about 16 hours long (~70GB) and I tried splitting the video using the output duration tool, but the output files only ever show me the first 8 hours and 50 minutes of my recording, even if i try splitting the video after 10 hours. So is mkvToolNix maxing out at i.e. a certain combined size of output files or could i get better results using a better GPU?


MKVToolNix doesn’t use your GPU at all. MKVToolNix doesn’t have any built-in limitations wrt. file sizes or duration of content either.

That being said, this sounds like either a bug in MKVToolNix (e.g. there might be some kind of overflow during certain calculations), or the file might be damaged beyond repair at a certain point. Note that I’ve handled content much longer than ten hours successfully in the past.

You can try remuxing with another program first (e.g. ffmpeg, something like ffmpeg -i in.mkv -c copy out.mkv) to get a “second opinion”.

Are there any warnings or errors emitted by MKVToolNix when it stops? Does the progress jump from whereever it is at 08:30h (e.g. 30%) to 100% in one step?