MKV INFO is useless

I would like to draw attention to the useless nature of the MKVINFo program.

  1. In 90% of cases, if the file is not assembled using MKVMERGE, the program will not give you any information.
    I wrote about this as a bug, but the author immediately stated that the program works this way
    features of the mkv standard and only enable the -v -o or -all options. The funny thing is that the authors decided that information can be hidden in as much detail as possible if you set -v -v -v , but nowhere in the documentation is there a word about this.
    When these options are enabled, analyzing a file takes longer than completely rewriting it. All the developer’s stories that there is no other way because this is the mkv standard seem strange to me.
    The mediainfo utility provides DETAILED information about ANY MKV in a fraction of a second. Moreover, mkvmerge, which is part of the same package, can also provide information from the same file.
    However, the developer prefers to write arrogant comments on his Olympus instead of fixing the program. The most interesting thing is that MKVinfo and MKVMerge address tracks differently. In one case the numbering starts from zero, in the other from one.
    Moreover, if the order of the tracks differs from the classic video-audio-subtitles, mkvinfo produces useless information since the addressing of the tracks will be completely different from that used by mkvmerge.
    Of course, in the best traditions of the best software developers, the authors wrote about this so vaguely in the documentation that it takes a couple of hours to figure out what the author ultimately means.
    To top it off, the utility does not allow you to get information about cover attachments (at the same time, for some reason it provides information about embedded fonts). Video and audio bitrates and so on and so on.
    As a result, I deleted mkvinfo as a useless crap. And I think that we should do the same with mkvmerge, starting to use only FFMPEG.