Language shortcuts option

Hello! I use MKVToolNix for a long time but only recently I started to get more into detail with it.
There is however an option that I couldn’t find any info about how it works. In preferences/languages there is a list called language shortcuts. Here you can add some languages with an optional track name for each. What is the use of this?
I thought that by creating that list, then when I select a language tag for a track, the associated track name would be applyed automatically, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. What is the use of that track name defined there?
Tnank you!


You can use these shortcuts via the menu “Multiplexer” → “Modify selected tracks” → “Set language”, where you’ll find the configured shortcuts.

Additionally there are keyboard shortcuts for each of them, allowing you to activate them without having to go through the menu (select one of more tracks, hit corresponding keyboard shortcut).

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