Creating a single mkv file from two mkv files with different languages

Hi there,

I have two copies of the same movie that I would like to combine into one mkv file. Normally, I would just keep the highest quality video and combine the audio from both sources into one mkv file, but in this case I want to keep the video of both because there are sections that are fully translated in the video (ie: scrolling text on the screen that is fully translated as opposed to using forced subtitles for a translation.)

So, what I would like to do, or at least know if it’s possible, is combine both files into one mkv but have a specific audio and subtitle stream associated with a specific video stream.

For example:

├─ Video Stream 1
│ └─ Audio Stream 1
│ └─ Subtitle Stream 1
└─ Video Stream 2
└─ Audio Stream 2
└─ Subtitle Stream 2

Is it possible to accomplish something like this with mkvmerge?